We are charity foundation aimed to make the World more calm and happy. Here you can learn more about our experience.
Projects we have already done
Online platform for mental help and generating suspended sessions for helping others.
Charity help is provided for the victims of war, repressions and volunteers. Active now.
live is an offline project teaching and introducing a healthy lifestyle. Conducted for 10 seasons. A special author's program with participation of a number of mentors in various fields, containing 21 days of tasks, training, master classes, lectures and personal consultations in order to develop new habits.
It is 21 days of free online streams from popular speakers, during which funds were raised for helping Belarusian doctors fight against Covid-19.
April 27 - May 17, 2020.
An online platform for providing free expert assistance in psychological, physical and spiritual spheres of life to victims of war and repressions, as well as volunteers. More than 70 experts in psychology, coaching and body-oriented practices have helped for 660+ times in restoring mental and physical health.
In 2018 - 2019 we carried out 10 projects in order to raise funds for the treatment of sick children in Belarus.
Events for children with disabiities
We´ve held 3 charitable rehabilitation events for disabled children at Belarusian Republican Rehabilitation Center. A large number of athletes, activists and companies took part in the projects.
We´ve done 15 charity projects. We helped 11 children with financial donations for physical rehabilitation. With 5 years of experience in creating wellbeing products, we learned how to work in healthcare.

We have the widest base of wellbeing specialists - 80 experts across 12 time zones on the Earth. More than 70 volunteers from 9 countries took part in our projects. Our projects have a total audience of more than 50,000 people. The latest volunteer project WEMAYHELP 2.0 provided assistance for more than 660 times
Currently, the key areas of our attention are:
Mental health, adaptation, development of personal growth opportunities for women in Eastern Europe.
Mental and cognitive, adaptive support for victims of repressions of the regime in Belarus and Ukranian War.
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